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Find the Proper Technique for Squats

There are so many different load-bearing exercises for weight-lifters to use for both bulking up and building strength. If you fit this bill and you want to become stronger and build more muscle, you are in luck with all of the advanced training techniques, equipment, and instruction available. Fitness has reached a new point of technology. There is proper form and techniques for each exercise and some carry more risk than others.

Safe Squats Equals Better Squats

One of the most classic weight-lifting exercises around is the squat. It is important to remember, though squats are probably the best way to build mass and strength in the legs. It is also one of the more dangerous exercises if it is done improperly. The most important point is to use correct form for better squats. Use a personal trainer if you must in order to have a proper, safe squat technique.

squat technique

There are a few basic rules you can follow to for safer squats. First, do not start off any set with excessive weight. In fact, you should be able to do a minimum of eight full repetitions or the weight you have on there to warm up is definitely too much. Injuries are more likely this way. Also, never let your knees go ahead of the line where the tips of your feet are.

Techniques for Bulking

Usually, the best bulking exercises are done with heavier weight and low repetitions. While this may be fine to do with other exercises, squats are going to be more effective for bulking if done in a pyramid style. This means you will work up the weight to warm up and the gradually decrease the weight to total muscle failure. You will need to have a spotter. It may also be a good idea to sit down after the sets.