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The Startling Extremes Of Skin Conditions

If you frequent the Internet, you may have seen some of the videos about skin specialists treating patients with unusually large blackheads and cysts.  Whether such a case appears at a Denver skin clinic or elsewhere, these videos can be interesting to watch-in a rather gruesome and grotesque way.

Consider some of the cases of Dr. Sandra Lee-or, as she is commonly known, Dr. Pimple Popper.  Her videos on YouTube are so popular that Dr. Lee has appeared on the syndicated TV program, The Doctors.  In one of her appearances on the show, Dr. Lee had a video of a blackhead called a “dilated pore of Winer.”  By any name, it was a startlingly large, discolored bump on the skin.  There is an unsettling curiosity about watching these videos.  They can be unpleasant and disturbing to look at, but also strangely fascinating.  The dead matter from inside the dilated pore of Winer was so hard and dense that it was like a little stone on Dr. Lee’s table.

In this same appearance, Dr. Lee presented a video of a cyst the size of a softball which, when cut open and squeezed, produced an outpouring of dead cells like frosting from a cake decorator (but not as tasty, to be sure)!  Dr. Lee’s patients come from every part of the world.  She says that after a procedure the patients often like to look at what she removed from them.  They may even ask to cut open a removed cyst.  There’s a psychological side to the visit, as patients want to examine this thing that was once a part of their body and get a good look at what was troubling them.

Denver skin clinic

An extreme skin problem like this is always something to get looked at immediately.  Don’t delay; do it for your health, your appearance, and your quality of life.